Recommended Reading

Picture Books

"Amazing Grace" by Mary Hoffman

"Lissy’s Friends" by Grace Lin

"Big Red Lollipop" by Rukhsana Khan

"We Are America" by Walter Dean Myers

"Yoko" by Rosemary Wells


Middle Grade

"Year of Impossible Goodbyes" by Sook Nyul Choi

"One Crazy Summer" by Rita Williams-Garcia

"Kira-Kira" by Cynthia Kadohata

"Inside Out and Back Again" by Thannha Lai

"Where the Mountain Meets the Moon" by Grace Lin

"A Step from Heaven" by An Na

"When My Name was Keoka" by Linda Sue Park

"The Trouble with Half a Moon" by Danette Vigilante


Young Adult

"The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian" by Sherman Alexie

"Subway Girl" by Peter Jacob Converse

"The First Part Last" by Angela Johnson

"Summer of the Mariposas" by Guadalupe Garcia McCall

"Monster" by Walter Dean Myers

"Lockdown" by Walter Dean Myers

"Silver Phoenix" by Cindy Pon

"Tankborn" by Karen Sandler

"Shooting Kabul" by N. H. Senzai

"The Last Summer of the Death Warriors" by Francisco X. Stork

"American Born Chinese" by Gene Luen Yang

"Huntress" by Malinda Lo

"The Plague of Doves" by Louise Erdrich

"Like Water for Chocolate" by Laura Esquivel

"A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini

"An Artist of the Floating World" by Kazuo Ishiguro

"The Namesake" by Jumpa Lahiri

"Beloved" by Toni Morrison

"Joy Luck Club" by Amy Tan

"The Color Purple" by Alice Walker

"Native Son" by Richard Wright

"Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison

Rabbit-Proof Fence: The Story of One of the Greatest Escapes of All Times (Australian Aborigines)" by Doris Pilkington

"Lost Daughters of China: Abandoned Girls, Their Journey to America and the Search for a Missing Past" by Karin Evans

"Call It Sleep (Jewish Family)" by Henry Roth

"Torn Between Two Cultures: An Afghan-American Woman Speaks Out" by Maryam Qudrat Aseel

"Why Are All The Black Children Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?" by Beverly Daniel Tatum, Ph. D.

"Growing Up Chicana/o" by Tiffany Ana Lopez

"A Class Divided, Then and Now" by William Peters

"The Dream keepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children" by Gloria Ladson-Billings

"In the Name of Identity: Violence and the Need to Belong" by Gloria Ladson-Billings

"The Flat World and Education: How America's Commitment to Equity Will Determine Our Future" by Linda Darling-Hammond

"Riding the Waves of Culture: Understanding Diversity in Global Business" by Charles Hampden-Turner

"The Difference: How the Power of Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools, and Societies" by Scott E. Page

"Waiting for Superman" by Karl Weber

"A Class Divided" by PBS

"Black Picket Fences: Privileges and Peril among the Black Middle Class" by Mary Pattillo-Mcoy

"Asian America Dreams: The Emergence of an American People" by Helen Zia

"Lipstick Jihad: A Memoir of Growing Up Iranian in America and American in Iran" by Azadeh Moaveni




"Crossing Cultures: Insights from Master Teachers" by Boyacigiller, N. A., R. A. Goodman, and M. E. Phillips, eds.

"Teaching Gender and Multicultural Awareness: Resources for the Psychology Classroom" by Bronstein, P., and K. Quina, eds.

"Globalized E-Learning Cultural Challenges" by Edmundson, A., ed.

"Training for Multiple Cultures (Infoline)" by Edmundson, A.

"Cases on Globalized and Culturally Appropriate E-learning: Challenges and Solutions" by Edmundson, A. .

"Intercultural Sourcebook: Cross-Cultural Training Methods. Vol. 1" by Fowler, S. M., and M. G. Mumford, eds.

"ntercultural Sourcebook: Cross-Cultural Training Methods" by Fowler, S. M., and M. G. Mumford, eds.

"The Global Diversity Desk Reference: Managing an International Workforce" by Gardenswartz, L., A. Rowe, P. Digh, and M. Bennett.

"Managing Diversity: A Complete Desk Reference and Planning Guide" by Gardenswartz, L., and A. Rowe.

"The Managing Diversity Survival Guide: A Complete Collection of Checklists, Activities, and Tips" by Gardenswartz, L., and A. Rowe.

"Cooperative Learning: A Response to Linguistic and Cultural Diversity" by Holt, D. D., ed.

"Exploring Culture: Exercises, Stories and Synthetic Cultures" by Hofstede, G. J., P. B. Pedersen, and G. H. Hofstede.

"acilitating Multicultural Groups: A Practical Guide" by Hogan, C. F. F.

"The Essential Guide to Training Global Audiences: Your Planning Resource of Useful Tips and Techniques" by Irwin, L., and R. McClay.

"Maximizing Study Abroad: An Instructional Guide to Strategies for Language and Culture Learning and Use" by Kappler Mikk, B., A. D. Cohen, and R. M. Paige.

"Handbook of Intercultural Training" by Landis, D., J. M. Bennett, and M. J. Bennett, eds.

"Organizational Behavior: An Experiential Approach" by Osland, J., D. A. Kolb, I. M. Rubin, and M. E. Turner.

"Maximizing Study Abroad: A Students’ Guide to Strategies for Language and Culture Learning and Use" by Paige, R. M., A. D. Cohen, B. Kappler, J. C. Chi, and J. P. Lassegard.

"110 Experiences for Multicultural Learning" by Pedersen, P. B.

"ASTD Handbook of Measuring & Evaluating Training" by Phillips, P. P, ed.

"Gender and Diversity in the Workplace: Learning Activities and Exercises" by Powell, G. N.

"Multicultural Education: A Cross-Cultural Training Approach" by Pusch, M. D., ed.

"Training Across Cultures: Tips, Tools, and Intelligence for Trainers" by Rowe, K. A.

"Public Speaking in Multicultural Society: The Essentials" by Samovar, L. A., and E. R. McDaniel.

"Experiential Activities for Intercultural Learning" by Seelye, H. N., ed.

"Teaching About Culture, Ethnicity, and Diversity: Exercises and Planned Activities" by Singelis, T. M., ed.

"Figuring Foreigners Out: A Practical Guide" by Storti, C.

"The Art of Crossing Cultures" by Storti, C.

"Old World/New World: Bridging Cultural Differences: Britain, France, Germany and the U.S." by Storti, C. 

"Americans at Work: A Guide to the Can-Do People" by Storti, C.

"Culture Matters: The Peace Corps Cross-Cultural Workbook" by Storti, C., and L. Bennhold-Samaan.

"52 Activities for Improving Cross-Cultural Communication" by Stringer, D. M., and P. A. Cassiday.

"52 Activities for Exploring Values Differences" by Stringer, D. M., and P. A. Cassiday.

"Addressing Racism: Facilitating Cultural Competence in Mental Health and Educational Settings" by Sue, D. W.

"Barnga: A Simulation Game on Cultural Clashes (25th Anniversary Edition)" by Thiagarajan, S. R.

"Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers" by Angelo, T. A., and K. P. Cross

"Collaborative Learning Techniques: A Handbook for College Faculty" by Barkley, E. F., K. P. Cross, and C. H. Major

"What’s the Use of Lectures?" by Bligh, D. A. 

"So You Want to Use Role Play? A New Approach in How to Plan" by Bolton, G., and D. Heathcote

"The Skillful Teacher: On Technique, Trust, and Responsiveness in the Classroom" by Brookfield, S. D.

"Discussion as a Way of Teaching: Tools and Techniques for Democratic Classrooms" by Brookfield, S. D., and S. Preskill

"Radicalizing Learning: Adult Education for a Just World" by Brookfield, S. D., and J. D. Holst

"Teaching Reflectively in Theological Contexts: Promises and Contradictions" by Hess. M. E., and S. D. Brookfield

"The World Café: Shaping Our Futures Through Conversations that Matter" by Brown, J., and D. Isaacs

"Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Revolution in Change" by Cooperrider, D. L., and D. Whitney

"The Systematic Design of Instruction" by Dick, W., L. Carey, and J. O. Carey

"The Legal Handbook for Trainers, Speakers, and Consultants: The Essential Guide to Keeping Your Company and Clients Out of Court" by Eyres, P. S.

"Storytelling in Organizations: Facts, Fictions, and Fantasies" by Gabriel, Y.

"Diversity and Motivation" by Ginsberg, M. B., and R. J. Wlodkowski

"Pfeiffer’s Classic Activities Set. (Individual volumes of activities for Managing Conflict at Work, Building Better Teams, and Developing Leaders.)" by Gordon, J.

"A Practical Guide to Needs Assessment" by Gupta, K.

"Joining Together: Group Theory and Group Skills" by Johnson, D. W., and F. P. Johnson

"Reaching Out: Interpersonal Effectiveness and Self-Actualization" by Johnson, D. W.

"Cooperative Learning: Increasing College Faculty Instructional Productivity" by Johnson, D. W., R. Johnson, and K. Smith

"Cooperative Learning" by Kagan, S.

"Implementing the Four Levels: A Practical Guide for Effective Evaluation of Training Programs" by Kirkpatrick, D. L., and J. D. Kirkpatrick

"Problem-Based Learning in the Information Age. New Directions for Teaching & Learning" by Knowlton, D. S., and D. C. Sharp

"Preparing Instructional Objectives" by Mager, R.

"Hold On, You Lost Me! Use Learning Styles to Create Training That Sticks" by McCarthy, B., and J. O’Neill-Blackwell

"McKeachie’s Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers" by McKeachie, W. J., and M. Svinicki

"How to Manage Training: A Guide to Design and Delivery for High Performance" by Nilson, C.

"The ASTD Handbook of Training Design and Delivery: A Comprehensive Guide to Creating and Delivering Training Programs-Instructor-Led, Computer-Based, or Self-Directed" by Piskurich, G. M., P. Beckschi, and B. Hall

"Learning as a Way of Leading: Lessons from the Struggle for Social Justice" by Preskill, S., and S. D. Brookfield

"Assessing the Value of Your Training: The Evaluation Process from Training Needs to the Report to the Board" by Rae, L.

"Trainer Assessment: A Guide to Measuring the Performance of Trainers and Facilitators" by Rae, L.

"The Handbook of Training Technologies: An Introductory Guide to Facilitating Learning with Technology from Planning through Evaluation" by Rothwell, W. J.

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"Partners Intercultural Companion to Training for Transformation" by Sheehy, M., F. Naughton, and C. O’Regan

"Design Your Own Games and Activities: Thiagi’s Templates for Performance Improvement" by Thiagarajan, S.

"Facilitator’s Toolkit" by Thiagarajan, S.

"Thiagi’s Interactive Lectures: Power Up Your Training with Interactive Games and Exercises." by Thiagarajan, S.

"Thiagi’s 100 Favorite Games" by Thiagarajan, S.

"The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within" by Tufte, E. R.

"Enhancing Adult Motivation to Learn: A Comprehensive Guide for Teaching All Adults" by Wlodkowski, R. J.

"Adult Learning in Your Classroom" by Zielinski, D., ed.