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Summer Refunds

The College is processing the Summer 2017 Term 201730 refunds per the following schedule.

All amounts paid to students will be after application of any Financial Aid to current charges for Tuition, Fees and other applicable charges.

All students that have a credit balance due to changes in Enrollment and any residual Financial Aid not applied to current charges will have their initial refunds processed on or before Friday, June 30, 2017.

Depending on your method of payment selection from BankMobile, you will receive an email notification, from BankMobile, confirming that funds are:

  • available on your SanJacCard Debit/MasterCard (Vibe Account)


  • have been transferred from BankMobile to the your personal bank account


  • a paper check has been issued from BankMobile.

Future Summer Semester disbursements are scheduled for Wednesday of each week with the funds transferred to BankMobile on Thursdays. The refund process is final when you receive your email notification from BankMobile, Inc. that funds have been transferred to your account or a paper check in the mail.

If you have had funds transferred to BankMobile, but have not activated your BankMobile Vibe account, you will need to log into  to activate your account and select your refund preference from BankMobile.  Once your refund preference is selected the funds will either be transferred to your SanJacCard Vibe account (same day) or to your personal bank account after BankMobile has processed your request (2-3 business days) or a paper check issued by BankMobile.

If you have not received your SanJacCard BankMobile Refund Selection Kit, you may visit any Campus Business Office to request a new Instant Personal Code.

If you have already activated your SanJacCard BankMobile Vibe Account but have lost it, you must log onto and request a new card to be re-issued. You will be assessed a $10 card replacement fee by BankMobile.

To determine if you have been issued a Financial Aid Disbursement or Credit refund you may use the Student Account Suite on SOS to view recent account activity.

If the code RFBM – San Jac Card Refund BankMobile is present you will be receiving your disbursement through BankMobile.

If the code RFCR – Refund Credit A/R is present you will be receiving a Credit Refund Check from the College. This is limited to students that are not otherwise eligible for payment through BankMobile such as Dual Credit, Early High School Admissions, or undocumented students.

Some students will be receiving a delinquent account notice from the College Accounts Receivable department related to a balance due on their account that was not allowed to be paid from Financial Aid funds. The students will be advised that they can use the funds on their SanJac Vibe Card to pay any balance due through the College website or at any Campus Business Office.

In order to avoid situations where the College disburses funds to the student and an unpaid balance remains, the student can complete an electronic approval by going online to SOS (

               My Financial Aid>

                              My Award Information>

                                             My Tentative Financial Aid Award (Select Current Aid Year)>

                                                            Resources/Additional Information Tab

The student will need to respond YES or NO to two questions:

  1.  I authorize San Jacinto College to pay up to $200.00 for my prior year charges with my current Title IV Financial Aid (Pell Grant, SEOG Grant, and/or Direct Loans.) If I have prior year charges that are greater than $200.00, I will pay the balance with other resources
  2.  I authorize San Jacinto College to pay for educationally related charges other than tuition and fees with my current Title IV Financial Aid (Pell Grant, SEOG Grant, and/or Direct Loans.) Charges may include, but are not limited to: library fines, traffic violations, Installment Payment Plan charges, and bookstore.

**Your responses to these questions are valid from this date forward unless you change your response in future aid years. If you wish to change your response to this question within the current aid year, please contact a Campus Business Office. Cancelling this authorization does make it not retroactive.**


William E. Dickerson
Director of Accounting and Financial Services